💰Track Payday and save a ton! 💪

Hey David,
Always wondering when you'll get paid? Or how much money you have left until then? 🔮
Emma allows you to sync your budgets to Payday, letting you know how many days you have left and what bills you have to pay until then.
Finish setting up your account today and get notified when that paycheck lands! 💰
Payday is the best day of the month. At Emma, we have built a way to keep track of this and exactly know how much you have left before the next cash injection. 💸
Just add your bank account(s) to Emma and we'll let you know. 👇👇
🔮 Join the future today 🐻  
Emma is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 for the provision of payment services. Reference no. 794952
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